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-.-.-.DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 18:29:07

imma make this a short one cause i don't really have time to blog right now. i'm studying my ass off for this stupid test i have in physics tomorrow. who the hell knew about that?!!! okk, every kid in class but me... hehehe. but that's not the point!! the point is that the test seems to be a big one and i don't know a *beeep* thing!!! i'm not even done with the questions in the book. stupid physics... no wonder i'm not choosing physics as my science subject next year. i would've if it was a lil' easier, but noooooooooo. it has to walk around like some stuck up subject thinking it's sooo smart. hahahha, that sounded sooo wierd, it sounded like a description of a person or something. wiiierd. welll, gotta keep studying or else i might fail... i might fail anyway though. KIDDING. i never fail, i'm MI PHAM the greatest for crying out loud. alrighty, i've entertained, or more like bored, you enough. buuhbyeezers.

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