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-.-.-.DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 23:21:04
you know how i promised to put up a video or something of me singing? well, i tried to sing a little just a few minutes ago, but it didn't turn out so well. hahahha. my cough is still here, so i can't really reach up to the high pitches :( and it sounds terrible. sooo, anyways, i was looking through the videos and saw a video that made me crack up, HAHHAA. it was hilarious x) soo friggin ugly i actually LMSO (even though i wasn't wearing any socks at the time)!! i'm thinking about posting the video up here, but it's so terrible i don't know if i want to. HAHAHA. x) my singing isn't very well in it because of my throat ache and then i make this terrible sound (priceless!) because i forgot the lyrics... hehehehe. i could listen to it alllll day =D

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