she is blonder now

-.-.-.DATE 2008-12-19 TIME 15:24:47
i cut and highlighted emelie's hair yesterday. it took me 4 ½ h to do it. phheeew. exhausted much? yes! but it was hella fun. we had our blonde moments... heheheh. i have some pictures, emelie recently got braces so she refused to be happy on the pictures. hahaha. but i'll post them anyway.

NOTE! her hair is a lot blonder than it was from the beginning. but the light in my room made it look kinda greenish. oh well.

love from missbui

fint mi, hahaha trodde de va elin så jag bah.. vänta hon har förädnrats O.o

DATE 2008-12-19 TIME 20:53:18
love from missbui

aah det va lindsaylohan hahaha! :)

DATE 2008-12-20 TIME 00:32:34

sött ju! haha visste inte att du börjat blogga på engelska ..

DATE 2008-12-22 TIME 14:41:37

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