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-.-.-.DATE 2008-10-20 TIME 19:10:49
hahhaha kolla, en liten del ur min historia uppsats. jag tycker faktiskt jag skrev bra (a) hihi. säg vad ni tycker dåå! men inte skratta, okej?! jag är inte så dum som alla tror faktiskt..(a)


I'm very curious about whether the women wanted to be sacrificed or not. If I think of it as a good deed in a religious way, it convinces me a little bit that the women might have wanted to lose their lives for their beliefs. The Incans did take their religion very seriously. Worshipping the gods was a big part of their everyday life. But then again, is belief stronger than the love you have towards your family? Because these girls who were chosen were sent away from their families never to see them again. They would be educated, trained in becoming an acclacuna and live the rest of their lives without their family. Being secrificed gave you respect, it might even have given your family respect, and honour. But was all that really worth it? To struggle alone, getting married or sacrificed without having your family there. It's hard. I could never possibly think of my life without my family.

These women had no choice, if they were chosen, there was nothing they could do about it. Being separated from your family by age ten is nothing a child would want. Women lived as prisoners, or robots. They had no say in the choices that were taken in their lives. But yet, at the same time, they were needed and highly respected, in a way. Because they were the ones who were sacrificed to the gods, not the men. The gods wanted women. The women died as heroines because they gave up their lives, perhaps not willingly, but still, for something they believed in.

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