du är mitt hjärtats andetag

-.-.-.DATE 2008-09-27 TIME 23:54:20
this is for you älskling, puss på dig! :*

have you ever felt this warm, tickeling feeling deep inside?
that's how i feel whenever you talk to me, you make me feel so alive
when you say all those wonderful things, i put on a smile
this bubbly feeling i get, lasts for more than a while
you make me feel like the sparkling sun a cold rainy day
my heart you have won, it's true what i say
you once said i was the brightest star and you were the one far away
baby, that's not true, can't you see?
you're the other bright star right next to me
together we can shine, now let us face the world
sweeti, take my hand and tell me i'm your only girl
can you promise me you will never let go,
will you take your time to watch our love grow?
you said you would catch me if i fell
but baby, if you were with me through it all, i would never fall
i just wanna spend every day with you, do you feel the same way too?
you're my first thought in the morning, my last thought at night
the whole world is one dark, stormy mess, among all that, you are the light
i can't wait intil we're once again together, then i could hold you until forever
you are mine, and i am yours always, together there's nothing we couldn't face
they say that love is abstract, i know that's a fact
but to me, love is concrete, because you're my love
you're real, you are my every heartbeat. ♥

skriven av: mimi (alltså jag)


you just stole my heart :D

DATE 2008-09-28 TIME 01:43:19
WEBSITE: http://johndinh.blogg.se/

hihihi!! :)

DATE 2008-09-28 TIME 01:46:16
WEBSITE: http://mmmimi.blogg.se/

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