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we had two guest rooms, one scott's parents stayed in and the other was for scott. the day went on with a barbecue, the parents chatter seemed to go on forever. me and scott hung by the pool. even though we had not spoken to each other for ten years, i found it amazingly easy to talk and hang out with him. though the thoughts i had had about him earlier, still hung in the back of my mind.

          my phone rang, on the display it read: natasha.

- sorry, i got to take this, i said and answered the phone.

- v, are you coming or not? it's loads of people here! natasha said

          oh right, the party!

i thought about it. i would rather much want to be with scott. he seemed to be just like the guys i hung out with; interested in sports, popular, fit and so on, but yet i found him very interesting, and i knew that if i played my cards right, i would have him. just like with the other guys i've wanted. it was easy to make them fall, but as for myself, i had never been in love. it was just the chase that i liked. if i wanted something, i went right after it, and as soon as i've caught it, i let go.

- you know what, i'll be there. i said and hung up.

i looked at scott for a long time, feeling a great desire to touch him, wondering how it would feel to have his muscular arms rapped around me.

- do you wanna go to a party? it's down by the beach. i finally said.

- sure, it'd fun. he answered.

- we're going down to the beach, i said to my parents.

- ok honey, you know the curfew, my dad answered.

- i know, i know, twelve o'clock...

- twelve o'clock?! come on stephen! don't be so harsch. it's a friday night, besides scott will be there with her. let them have fun, george said.

- alright then, you go and have fun. i'll leave her in your hands scott, i trust that you will take care of her, he said and laughed.

- i will, scott said with a smile.

          i rolled my eyes and thought: could this be anymore embarassing? why don't you just hire a guard to come with me while you're at it.

          i went up to my room and opened the doors to my walk-in closet. i wanted to wear something that would make scott think of me as irresistible, but yet, not too revealing. it had to be something that would make him want to see more. i looked around for a while, and there it was! the perfect dress; a short, orange dress showing off a little clevage, but yet, not too much. the color went perfect with my tanned skin. i chose a pair of golden high heels, squeezed a bit of hair mousse in my hair and shook my head to make it look messy. i swept with the mascara brush over my long lashes and looked at myself in the mirror. i smiled. "i look good" i thought to myself. once i had finished my makeup i headed to scott's room and opened the door.

- oh my god, i am so sorry scott! i said in astonishment. but i couldn't deny i liked what was in my sight.

there he was, with no shirt on. his incredibly tanned and fit upper body appeared in front of my eyes.

- it's ok, he said with a grin, then he put on a light pink t-shirt with some kind of graffiti on it. oh my, pink on a guy is so incredibly sexy! i tried not to stare on him, so i looked out the window, but somehow my eyes managed to find its way back to scott. i smiled to myself, then his eyes met mine. time froze for a moment, and i felt he desired me too. if i can't have him soon, i will die.


Skitbra verkligen!! man vill bara läsa mer :D:D

DATE 2009-04-05 TIME 16:05:23
anna nguyen

jättebra skrivet! suttit och läst bägge partsen nu.. omg! :D

DATE 2009-04-05 TIME 23:08:50

du skriver verkligen bra! :D ska fortsätta läsa din blogg (:

DATE 2009-04-06 TIME 11:47:56

skitbra! När kommer fortsättning? :)

DATE 2009-04-06 TIME 21:21:00

fortsättningen mi! =D du skriver skit bra, man kan verkligen se allting framför sig :)

DATE 2009-04-07 TIME 01:45:32

När kommer nästa? :D

DATE 2009-04-07 TIME 21:33:50

du skriver skit bra ju. : ))

DATE 2009-04-09 TIME 13:50:51

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