-.-.-.DATE 2009-04-29 TIME 00:02:15
scott quickly looked up and placed his eyes on me with a deep frown.


          damnit. i got up so quickly that i pushed scott aside he almost fell into the pool.

it was natasha! what the hell was she doing here now?

- who is it? scott said

- it's natasha.

          i went inside and found natasha looking for me.

she studied me from head to toe giving away a suspicious look.

- did you drop your phone into the pool or something!? she said

- no... why?

- why?! v, i've been calling and texting like an idiot!! why didn't you answer?

- ohh... sorry i haven't checked my phone all day, i lied

- are you seriously kidding me? did you hit your head into the pool ground or something?

- no? i said and giggled

- well you must have hit it into somthing already.... 'cause you're obviously missing something up there, she said

- what are you talking about? i knew what she was after. the juicy news about last night...

- duuh! you and scott!! she raised her voice and looked at me as if i were stupid

- what about scott? a voice came from behind, it was scott.

natasha's eyes got big and her mouth got wide open.

- ss...s....scott, she said

- hey natasha, he said and nodded towards her

- call me later v, OK?!!! natasha said and escaped through the door.

          i turned around and faced scott. a little smile had appeared on his face and to tell from his facial expression he wanted to know why natasha's and my conversation involved his name. i said nothing, instead i turned around and quickly went up to my room. i changed to a pair of pink cotton shorts and a tight, white t-shirt from victoria's secret saying: i love pink - & boys. then i opened the door and gave away a cry as my heart jumped a few steps back.

          - scott, you scared me!

- ohh, sorry... i didn't mean to. he said and smiled.

i felt his eyes were fixed on me.

- what? i said and looked back at him

- what did you say about me? he seemed curious

- ohh nothing special, i said teasing him a little bit and went back into my room and placed myself on my bed. he went right after me.

          his eyes moved around, then they suddenly stuck on a picture of me and a group of girls wearing bikinis. he looked at it for a long time.

- oh please, that is so typical male! i said, smiled and threw a pillow at him. i wanted to get things going.

- what are you talking about? i was just studying the beautiful background of the beach, he said and smiled

i raised my eyebrows and said: ohh really, i thought you were checking us out!

- me?! nooo!! girls are not in my interest. i like nature... he said and tried to hold back the giggle inside him

- you are seriously retarded, i said and bursted in laughter

he took the pillow and threw it back at me saying: IF i were looking at the girls, i was not looking at you, that's for sure

- you say so? ok, then i might as well just go and get myself wrapped in a huge robe instead, i said and got up to get my morning robe.

he looked at me, then he took my arm and pulled me back tightly against him.

- ohh, so you're only wearing this incredibly sexy outfit for my sake? we were so close i felt his warm breaths against my face

i smiled.

- don't be ridiculous. you can never have me, even if you tried, i said and reached for another pillow and threw it at him. i lost my balance and landed on my bed. i took my teddy bear and threw it at him and laughed. he tried to cover himself with his hands, then he got closer and closer, then all of a sudden he was over me. i felt his hands run along my body, then he started tickling me under my arms. i exploded in laughter and tried to kick and hit him in desperation. he grabbed both of my arms and held them down on my bed.

          - i thought i already had you, he said.


god morgon:)

allt bra med dig idag? :)

DATE 2009-04-29 TIME 08:28:22

så äntligen kom fortsättningen. :P<33

Du e grym på att skriva. När kmr nästa del?<3

DATE 2009-04-29 TIME 14:05:45

Sv : va bra att du tyckte om låten .

Förresten allt som står på texten, var du det som har skrivit de ??

ha en skön onsdag ;:D


DATE 2009-04-29 TIME 15:34:49

Allt väl med dig??

kram sötnos!

DATE 2009-04-29 TIME 21:35:16

Allt väl med dig??

kram sötnos!

DATE 2009-04-29 TIME 21:35:22

Jättebra, När kommer nästa?

DATE 2009-04-30 TIME 12:43:02

Du är väldigt bra på att skriva, må jag säga :D

DATE 2009-04-30 TIME 13:52:41

Hoppas att du hade en fin Valborg!

DATE 2009-05-01 TIME 00:46:32

Kan du göra en fortsättning idag?

DATE 2009-05-01 TIME 14:59:03
l i s a t r i n h

nej denna kostade 1,6 - det är väl lika mkt som din nokia?

nope, jag tror nog detta är ngt bara tillfälligt så jag bryr mig inte om att kolla upp det. har oxå en liten fobi för sjukhus, nålar och läkare :|

DATE 2009-05-01 TIME 15:01:07

va tkr du jag ska ha för tävling?

snygagste outfitn ellr veckans blogg?

hur mår du då?

DATE 2009-05-01 TIME 15:56:14

Jättefin blogg!!! :D

DATE 2009-05-01 TIME 19:43:32

vad spännande att läsa .. shit =)

DATE 2009-05-01 TIME 21:38:14

Shiiiit vad bra!! <33333

DATE 2009-05-04 TIME 10:55:48

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