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här kommer en liten uppdatering av min novell FOREVER? -FOREVER. hehe tur att jag blev påmind, annars hade jag helt glömt bort att uppdatera den. HEHEHE (a) tidigare uppdateringar finns i kategorin SHORT STORIES. enjoy

          Scott kept glaring at me, which only made it worse. I couldn't answer that question. It was impossible to give him an answer, because I didn't know what I wanted. Or did I? Oh darnit... I really shouldn't have asked myself that. Because now, inside my head, was a huge battle between good and evil. Great. I didn't know which of the voices to listen to. I wanted so very much to listen to my “evil” voice, and suppress that other voice also known as my conscience. But that didn't feel... right? Oh god, I think I know what I want... The worst part was not confessing it, the worst part was the fact that I had known the answer all along, but weak and the big, fat coward that I was, I created this other bad voice, hoping it would be strong enough to hide the truth. Ok... so the truth it was.
          Wow... I was planning to give a long, sentimental speech but all I could ever say was “you”. Boy did I sound like a 4-year old or what? I opened my mouth to say something more, but nothing happened. It was as if all my words had tangled up in my throat and prepared to choke me if I spoke any further.
          -You... what?? Scott said with a confused expression. He didn't seem to get it.
          -You... can go home Scott. I don't care. I said and turned my back instantly.
          Oh my god, what did I just do? I was going to confess!! What the hell have I done? There was my chance to make everything right, but I screwed it.
          My feet were moving so fast, carrying me forward across the beach. I didn't dare to look back. Should I? No, might as well keep on walking. I was a fool. A big, stupid fool. Would I ever forgive myself?
          All of a sudden I broke down. My feet couldn't carry me anymore. I landed on the soft sand with a heavy thud. I just sat there. The wind whispered in my ear. The salty air caressed every area on my body. The light of the moon shone on me. I felt empty. It was a weird kind of emptiness. A kind I had never felt before. It didn't make me feel free, rather trapped in my own infinite empty space. Not even tears were allowed in this empty space.
          I felt two hands on each of my shoulders. I didn't even move. I knew who these hands belonged to.
          I turned around slowly and looked at him. Now my tears broke out and my vision became blurry. Scott wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly against his chest. I could feel his heart beating. We stayed like that for a while, before I decided to speak up.
          -Please don't go away Scott. Please don't leave me...

elina ^.^

följer du min blogg? :p

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 02:02:59
Felicia - tävling pågår, avslutas på julafton!

din röst är räknad :D

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 07:20:28

Shit vad bra!! :O <3

Jag lägtar tills nästa delen kommer!! :D

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 09:54:35
Therese - Bloggar fran oknen!

Vilken fin & uppfriskande design du har pa bloggen! Man blir helt glad och godissugen ju! :)

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 09:59:34



du kan gärna skriva en fin kommentar tillbaka,

ifall du undrar ngt så svarar jag det i bloggen.

PUSS ! :)

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 10:24:05

Jättefin blogg! <3

Nu är det bara 2 dagar kvar tills jul :O

Har du köpt alla presenter? Kram

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 11:30:47

bra skrivet! :)

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 11:32:22
Johanna [s h o n a l i]

Åh, tack så jättemycket! :')

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 12:44:22

men det gör inget, hahah det är första gången jag liknar någonXD

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 13:16:33


okej tackför tipset;D

vad gör duda?

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 13:32:52

aww tacktack din också. har läst de första delarna, sen har jag inte varit inne på din blogg och kollat xD

DATE 2009-12-22 TIME 20:22:08

Godnatt & sov så gott :D

godjul /matilda

DATE 2009-12-23 TIME 22:05:19

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