HE SAID, SHE SAID part three

-.-.-.DATE 2009-03-14 TIME 14:57:01

finallyy!!! del tre.

- Well, it's not me they're laughing at, she answered.

The jocks and the popular girls, also known as the gorgeous cheerleaders, got up from their table and left the cafeteria. Still laughing. Chad and Michael, two jocks, came up to us.

- Yeah.. you know, there's nothing to be ashamed of. i've also cried in public once...

- When i was five!! chad said and they both left the cafeteria laughing so hard, i could almost feel their stomach ache about to come.

I could now feel my body temperature rise and every inch of my face was now cherry red.

- Summer, what are they talking about? tyler asked

- nothing! nothing! alright?! i said and immediately got up from my chair and ran as fast as i could to the girl's room. i could feel my heart beat faster and faster by the second. How it slowly fell apart for each breath that i took. i felt hurt, betrayed, vunerable.... how could he do this to me? i turned the lock to the door of my toilet and sat down on the toilet seat with my knees pulled up. tears were running down my cheeks like giant rapids. never had i been this hurt and humiliated before. it felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and then cut in half. how could jake do this to me? how could anyone be this mean? i just didn't understand. the world of the populars, or normal people whatsoever, just didn't make any sense to me. we had such a great time yesterday. how could such a nice person as him turn into someone else, someone mean and so completely heartless, just like that? just by snapping your fingers. or maybe he was just acting when he was with me? i had so many questions, yet no answers to calm my consciousness.

now i could hear a door opening and someone approaching.

- did you see the look of jake's face? akeelah said

uh-oh. more trouble incoming.

- well duh! did you see summer's face? it was totally priceless! chelsea said

- totally, akeelah agreed

they all started laughing this incredibly annoying laughter that always haunted the school corridors.

- the plan is working, tiffany said.


hahah vafan! äkta bok ju :| längta tills andra delen kmr ut (A)

DATE 2009-03-14 TIME 17:55:03
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så spännande ;3

DATE 2009-03-14 TIME 20:11:28
kajsa anchlee henriksson♥

åh wiiie trodde du hade glömt bort att lägga ut fortsättningen :P hihi lika bra som dom andra delarna, längta till nästa nu ^^

DATE 2009-03-15 TIME 17:12:45
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eler hur :o håller med jenny, tkr med om den så mkt :D

DATE 2009-03-16 TIME 12:56:50

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