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          i snorted, but didn't make any further comment on that.

          he was eager to change the subject.

- you know, my aunt will be home from spain on monday, he said

- yeah, i know that scott, i said and raised one eyebrow. where was he going with this?

he started to play around with his fingers nervously. he was about to open his mouth, but then hesitated and started laughing quietly to himself. his laughter woke a sudden flicker deep in my stomach. snap out of it! i thought as i hit myself on the side of my head. scott's eyes had suddenly made me the center of attention and his face was in a deep frown. i didn't say anything, i just stared back deep into his hyptnotizing gaze. the corner of his lips moved upwards, smiling a crooked smile. the dimple appeared. the sudden flutter i recently felt came back, now more intensified. it tickled so much i almost wanted to laugh out loud to remind myself i was the winner in this game. i clenched both my hands into hard fists desperately trying to tell my deep consciousness that the path it was steering me against was the wrong one. i was too busy fighting with my own consciousness that i didn't notice that i had a wierd, abrupt, pulled together face with deep frowning lines, my lips were pressed together like a little cherry, and on top of that scott still hadn't moved his face, now he was eyeing me with a look saying: are you alright or do you want me to play a psycho as well and join your own little private conversation with yourself? and as if it weren't enough giving me that look, he had to speak it out loud as well.

          - ehm.. are you.. ok? he said and grimaced.

i said, snap out of it! don't make me do something you will regret! but who was i talking to? i was threatening my own consciousness. whatever bad thing i was planning on doing to it would happen to me as well. am i STILL talking to myself?! i said SNAP OUT OF IT!!! i shook my head and cleared away all thoughts to make sure i would be able to talk without ending up talking to myself again.

          - yeah, why? i asked innocently

- urgh.. nothing. you seemed... distant. he said and frowned at his own choice of word; distant.

i smiled to convince him that he was the messed up one here, not me.

- so, you were saying? i said

- what?

- you were about to say something, but then you started laughing... i lowerned my voice as i said the last word. his laughter had given me butterflies. don't think about it vanessa!! my inner voice shouted.

- oh, that... he smiled again, hesitantly. - i was thinking... my parents have to leave tomorrow, but... i figured... he moved his eyes away from me and looked up at the ceiling. - maybe... i could stay with my aunt for another week.. or so? his words were slow and hesitant.

          my heart litterally jumped out of my chest and started pounding with an intense force. the butterflies were back in my stomach, dancing around like never before, like they were having a party. my eyes narrowed and it wasn't until a few seconds later that i realized how my body was responsing to his words. i controlled myself.

- really? that would be cool! i said, a little too excited so i added: i guess...

he just smiled and moved his gaze towards me, i allowed myself to get lost in his eyes for a while.

the sun pushed in through the closed blinds and the few beams that came through hit my skin in an instant. i opened my eyes for a brief second, then closed them again. then my eyes narrowed. with wide eyes i inspected the entire room. this was not my room. oh no! please don't tell me it's not true, please tell me i'm wrong, i thought, moving my head slightly to the side holding my breath, please tell me this is a dream, please... damnit! i discovered scott lying right next to me sleeping so silently. gosh he looked so adorable! no! i turned my head away from him. snap out of it! no! no! NO! but just a little... if i could just... i slowly moved my head back to look at scott. even in his sleep he looked perfectly stunning. i smiled. no! no! no! this was so wrong on so many levels! where was my dignity?! there was no way i was going to give in.

          carefully i got out of the bed and went back to my room. lucky my parents (or his) weren't awake yet, they would've freaked! i shuddered at the thought of them finding me in the same bed as scott.


Du skriver väldigt bra :)

Sv: Å tack så jätte mycket :)

Hoppas du får en kanoners fredagskväll!


DATE 2009-05-08 TIME 18:07:23

Spännande , är det du som har skrivit det ? =]

sv:Ja seriöst vissa va inte alls lika utan smink =}

DATE 2009-05-08 TIME 18:20:14

Jopp xD

DATE 2009-05-08 TIME 18:33:13

nej den är från hm ;)

DATE 2009-05-08 TIME 18:42:38

Haft en bra dag då?? Kram <33.

DATE 2009-05-08 TIME 19:09:58

Shiiiiiiit vad bra<333

DATE 2009-05-10 TIME 09:04:46

Så nu kom den. Va länge jag har väntat :)<3

sv: nej den har inte kommit än. :(

DATE 2009-05-10 TIME 12:14:10

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