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          My heart was beating so quickly. I looked at the message I just sent him:

Scott. I have to be honest with u... I have no idea of where I want u in my life. Maybe it'd be so much better if u just left, and we could forget about everything?? that'd be the easiest way I guess.. only.. I can't let go of u... every minute, and second I miss u.. I ache for u... it hurts so bad and I've never felt this way before, I have no idea of what to expect. I'm not used to feeling this, it's all so new to me. I want to see you, I really do. But I wonder... what will be the consequences of that?

          I took a deep breath. It was almost as if I regretted that I ever wrote that message. It felt stupid, now that I had cleared my head and could use my common sense. I wished that I could make the text message come back to me, so I could delete it and it'd be gone forever and ever.

          It burned inside me. I felt stupid. Why did I send him that text message? What would he respond to that? I was so mad at myself, I clenched my fists with the intention to hit something, when my phone suddenly made a quiet buzz. I looked at it, it was from Scott. I didn't even dare to open the text message, too afraid his answer would be something that would hurt me. Or maybe, afraid that his answer was exactly how I wanted it to be. There was a war deep inside of me, part of me wanted him to tell me off. Wanted him to say that he would go back to Miami, that he would forget us, that he would never come back. But that was exactly what my other part was afraid to hear. That other part wanted him to stay, wanted him to say that he wanted to be with me. This was such a dilemma! I told myself to be brave, and then I opened the message:

the beach in ten?

          Seriously. Was that all he could say? After my incredibly deep and stupid message, that was all he could say? Boy, did I feel like a goof now! But still... what does he want? I answered yes, and went to get my shoes on.


Jaaa jag älskar oxå den låten! grym ären! :D

Jaha det var ju tur då! haha :D

Assåå shit vad jag älskar den här novellen :D <3 du är grym på att skriva mimi :D

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åwwh så braaa !

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