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-.-.-.DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 18:43:11
now i'm looking up some science energy shit on google. like the different types of energy sources for electricity; geothermal energy, nuclear, water and such as. when i was about to read it it made NOO SENSE WHAT SO EVER! i was like; huuuuh wtf?! so i came up with the brilliant plan, that i have done so many times before, i searched: geothermal energy for dummies, water energy for dummies etc on google. hahahha. ooh well, at least i understood it. heheh.

a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

♥ nina

svar: Synd om dig! Brukar dock aldrig bli sjuk men önskar jag var det ibland när skolan blir för jobbigt haha. Men nu är det inte roligt för jullovet börjar ju snart. typiskt!

DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 18:48:07

HAHAH thumbs up! (Y)

DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 20:14:48

sv: hehe tack söta du :)

DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 20:54:30

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