-.-.-.DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 23:36:52
alrighty then, imma put it up here anyways. BUUUUUTTT, i might delete it after a couple of days. and REMEMBER that i have quite a sore throat, so i'm doing my best yall. but i promise i will put up a better video when i've recovered!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


gullig söt vacker ^^ aww<3

DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 23:42:03
J to the O to the Jockää

HAHAhA vad vare för babyvoice i slutet x'D

DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 23:42:08
WEBSITE: http://jockesmiile.blogg.se/
MizthaNGuyen (v.

min söwwwtnooooos super duper ankflicka :)

DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 23:43:23
WEBSITE: http://mizthanguyen.blogg.se/
flygande björnen

naaaw , mipham vacker röst =) .

du borde spelar in flera låtar .


DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 23:45:11


DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 23:51:32
WEBSITE: http://emmiealina.blogg.se/
love from missbui

hahahahahaha, RETARD TE MAX :D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 00:02:20
WEBSITE: http://missbui.blogg.se/

The next asia idol ;)

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 00:22:02

Fin röst du har :D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 07:07:57
WEBSITE: http://ssoundeffects.blogg.se/

aaw så söt :D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 08:10:51
WEBSITE: http://avaoawa.blogg.se/

laarrsii: hahaha självklart :D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 14:09:22
WEBSITE: http://mmmimi.blogg.se/

sv: haha, mjo bland annat han, kanske blir några mer :D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 14:56:33
WEBSITE: http://ssoundeffects.blogg.se/

så söött :D haha

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 15:38:18
sending happines

hahahahahha baby goes wild! vilken låt är de

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 15:59:11
WEBSITE: http://lynniea.blogg.se/

vadå fisk/ca

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 16:00:45

HAHA så sött! :D:D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 16:07:18

va sött :)

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 17:29:35
WEBSITE: http://ninaha.blogg.se/

åh, jason mraz -life is womderful :) bääst ;)

haha, härligt Mi ,rock on! :P

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 18:20:56
lisa тяiин

hahah nej va sött :D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 18:42:38
WEBSITE: http://trinhh.blogg.se/
mimilicious ♥

linnea: det är jason mraz- life is wonderful =D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 19:24:33
WEBSITE: http://mmmimi.blogg.se/
lisa тяiин

den låten är bra :D har typ alla hans låtar för min syster knarkar honom hela tiden. la la la life is wonderful la la la life is beautiful :D

DATE 2008-12-18 TIME 20:55:33
WEBSITE: http://trinhh.blogg.se/

haha va söt ! :)

DATE 2008-12-19 TIME 21:37:20
WEBSITE: http://yeyhs.blogg.se/

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