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-.-.-.DATE 2008-12-21 TIME 22:06:09

OHHH MOOTHAA *BEEEP*!!! holy christ in hell :| finnaaaallly my internet works. it didn't work all day yesterday AND today so i thought it was because of that damaged internet cable in the Mediterranean, until i found out that only affected the people in asia and africa... hehehe. stupid me. AND also, i noticed that OUR internet cable was pulled out. heheheh. whoopsi blonde moment!! now i'm helping josefin (josefin le) to find a hoot smokin dress for a party, shoes (high heels ofc) and such as. i'm trying to teach her how to do her makeup but without success. hahahahahah x) ohh well, gotta keep helping her. smell ya later.

hope you have, expectations you create.


Hur har du fått din blogg så fin, jag blir så avundsjuuuuk! :)

DATE 2008-12-21 TIME 23:21:20
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