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-.-.-.DATE 2008-12-16 TIME 23:32:55

excuse me for my mobile pics.

the IB-team in the floorball tournament (yep, i now know what it's called!) didn't go so well... hehe. too bad i didn't play, i would've swept the floor with all of the other teams i tell ya. or not. oh well, anywhoozers, our class (PreIB) got to bake chocolate cake and lingonrutor (hhee) for the christmas party, which turned out to be really fun!! well actually, it was friggin hilarious! the teachers dressed out as, well, something, and they sang this song called ''twelwe days of christmas''. the thing was, they didn't even practice!! it sucked. they did it wrong, sooo totally wrong. but that was the funny part though. hahaha. then it was time for the christmas presents!! here comes the ugly part: there were like, 5 people or something who had brought christmas presents. the rest didn't know about it. hahaha. i got a daimpåse (sounds wierd) and a condom (a) hehe. thank you SABE. oh right, i ate two pieces of chocolate cake AND three pieces of lingonrutor, oh wait, there's more, AND like, four mandarins. yep, i ate quite a lot. but hey, it was free ;)

this card was included in my christmas present. it says:
Dear ugly IB student,
I wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year.
I hope you like chocolate and strawberries.
Do not forget to look at the bottom =)

catchy.... hehe.
kisses to ya'll

never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game


u're welcome ;)

DATE 2008-12-17 TIME 22:34:24

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