do you know that you're the early rising sun in june?

-.-.-.DATE 2008-11-11 TIME 16:02:00
kikade nyss på titanic. det kändes förjävligt. saknaden blev större. några extra kilometrar lades till. hjärtat blev tungt.

gud va jag saknar dig såå sjukt mycket älskling =( but the thought knowing we're gonna see each other again, soon hopefully, makes me keep going. just to hear your voice makes me bubble up inside, can you imagine how it is to look you in the eyes? it's like i'm dreaming myself away, to a paralell universe where there's only me and you. it's the warm, shivery kind of feeling that i'm thirsting for, that's the feeling only you can give me, it's true. that's the feeling i get whenever i'm with you. it feels like a big part of me has been taken far away. i treasure all my moments with you, 'cause they are the finest. i let you in my heart, trust me, i wont let you go 'cause baby, now you're here to forever stay. every couple i see, i envy. the happiness in their eyes, the love in their soul, i just wish that was you and me. do you know how glad i am to be your girl? among thousands of others in your world, i was the lucky one. lucky enough to win your heart. there is no one else but you who can make me feel like i'm on the top of a mountain with the whole world below my feet, the sunset in the south and you to my right. tell me, wouldn't that be nice? hand in hand, just you and me, the world beneath us, holding its breath thinking: exactly like it should be.

det här var inget försök till att få ihop en dikt.. ville bara få ut lite.


ni passar faktiskt :) sötisar

DATE 2008-11-11 TIME 18:32:02

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