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-.-.-.DATE 2008-10-12 TIME 22:52:49
somehow, i feel like i wanna let everything out, just for once. i don't usually do this, but what the hey.. oh yeah, imma take this in english as well, so maybe, there is a possibility that this wont be as corny as i'm guessing it will be.

this is a confession, this i admit. everyday, i'm walking around with this worry leaning on my chest. it's so heavy, so confusing, that sometimes, i don't even know what's worrying me. even though i really do know. the worry might not be just plain worry, it's fear. fear of losing you. the feeling i get whenever you talk to me, is indescribable. just having you talk to me, in that special way that you do, is more than enough. that completely makes my day. i believe in everything that you say to me, cause you make it sound so wonderful. i put my love on you, i give you my heart and i give you all of me, hoping you will keep it always. when i opened up for you, there was a reason. i just didn't want to lose you, i want you to know how i feel, how much you mean to me. that you have a big part in my heart always, leaving almost no space for everything else. that's how much you mean to me. but if this story ends, i don't want to look like a fool. a fool that took in every word, every beath of yours, and believed it. but that's the thing, i do take in everything that you say, cause it matters so much and i do believe, but the question that makes me doubt is; do you believe? do you believe in your own words? because i do. i would do everything that i could do, for this to never end. if you left, you would leave a broken heart. i want to keep on living, with you. right now in this moment, and for thousand and thousands of moments more, i would still believe. if something went wrong, i would still believe. baby, i would wait for you to realize, i'm the one. cause i am forever yours. now, put your hand on my chest, do you feel it? my heart beating faster and faster. it's beating for you, robin.

My heart is ever at your service.
- William Shakespeare.

your secret love (v.

nawu bibo, no matter what, I'll never give our hope to sacrifice, cause something is telling me this is fate, my destiny to live my whole life with, is you, that is more than true. and baby i miss you, I really do cause no matter the distance you have to realize that I'm always with you.

DATE 2008-10-13 TIME 13:20:58
malin ♥

awwie, shit vad fint :*

DATE 2008-10-13 TIME 20:05:46

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