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- vanessa, wait! where are you going? scott said and followed me

i smiled. i did not want him to believe he had ruined my plan or that he had gotten me so easily during a few seconds of stupidity. i may have made a mistake, but now i was going to make him believe i did it on purpose.

- come on, there's a party going on here!! we can't hide all night, right? i said and grabbed his arm and led him into the thick crowd.

i woke up with a strong headache wondering what the hell i had done last night. uh-oh! now i remember. i got a strong feeling that i wanted to puke any second. just the thought of what i had done made me nauseous. why?! why vanessa?! why did you have to be so god damn stupid? he is probably smiling right now, and if he is sleeping, he's probably smiling with his eyes closed. i mean, who wouldn't? i do every time after i've taken a guy and then left him with nothing more than a memory of my soft lips. but now, i was the big victim! he was the one who will soon leave me with only a memory. i had failed, i lost the game.

          the day went on. things were no different between me and scott, so the parents thought. and maybe scott did too... he talked to me and acted as if nothing had happened, but sometimes he would give me this look that said ''let's do it again'' or he would touch me in this sensitive kind of way. but as for me, i tried to stay away from scott as much as possible. seeing him would only bring out the horrifying memories in which i was the big loser. i hate losing. this was not a good beginning of summer break.

          the same day, or should i say evening, our parents went out to eat and then they would head for a casino. so me and scott had to stay home. natasha had called me several times, texting ''so, how did it go?'' and ''v, where r u, call me!!'' and ''v, i'm getting worried here!! when ur not answering, it must be somthin bad, somethin real wrong!! WHAT IS IT?'', and she was right. something was really wrong. you could describe it like a shoe, a pair of high heels for example. the heels were missing. or like a cheerleading pyramid, one cheerleader on the base was missing. everything would collapse!! but i had to be the heels, or the missing cheerleader. that's right... i had to keep on playing the game until i was the winner. the thought hit me; but who said it was a game from the very beginning? i tried not to think about it and went to look for scott.

          i found him in the backyard by the pool. his hair was wet. i didn't go there immediately, instead i went up to my room and quickly changed to my bikini, then i went back down.

- taking a swim? i asked him and slowly got into the pool, giving his eyes a chance to embrace every inch of my body. it was sunset and the poolwater bathed in lights of pink and orange.

he observed me, just as i thought, took off his t-shirt and then said:

- i am now.

he got into the pool and we looked at each other. the thought i had had the first time when he arrived here came back. i was back in the game and i was going to make him want me more. i gave him a little piece of me yesterday, but now, i was going to make him crave for me even more.

          i started swimming and he followed me. i acted as if he weren't there, but then he stopped for a while. so to keep everything going i turned around and said ''aren't you coming?'', a smile appeared on his face. i was tired of swimming so i got up and placed myself on the edge of the pool. he did the same thing. my heart was racing. a few drops of water ran along scott's cheeks. i took my own hand and wiped them off, gently, using every second to feel his soft skin against my fingers. he turned his head a little bit against my hand, and soon his lips were touching the palm of my hand. i didn't let go. i could feel his warm breaths against my palm. then he took my hand, and kissed it. he kissed my fingers all the way up to my arm. i closed my eyes and took a deep breath. my skin crawled and i got goosebumps. his lips moved from my shoulder to the back of my neck. his lips embraced every surface of my skin. then he pushed me down so that the cold, hard surface of the ground touched my back. he kissed the inside of my thives and worked his way up to my belly. my body shivered like a weak leaf a windy day. i opened my eyes and found him looking at me.


what was that?!!

eebru, only god can judge me

- Haha ärligt? :)

DATE 2009-04-19 TIME 13:11:20
[ Erika's Viktresa ] -21kg! Före&Efter bilder ute nu!

Ja den är snygg! :) Super nöjd med den. :)

Händer idag?=) Skönt och sova en stund ju. Själv sitter jag i mensvärk. Ska börja med mat om ett par timmar.

DATE 2009-04-19 TIME 13:14:58

samma här! :D

DATE 2009-04-19 TIME 13:24:42

jag har gått tillbaka till min gamla blogg, använder nu hoppas du fortsätter läsa&kommentera, kram:)

DATE 2009-04-19 TIME 13:25:09

oj vad roligt ! Tack! :D

DATE 2009-04-19 TIME 13:33:38

sv: jag hade i yoghurt glass wild berries, mjölk, björnbär, hallon och mjölk. sen tog jag havreflarnskaksmulor :)

DATE 2009-04-19 TIME 20:27:06

Shiiiit vad bra!! :) när kommer nästa? :) <333 nyfiken nyfiken nyfiken :D:D <33

DATE 2009-04-20 TIME 07:04:14

Är det du som har skrivit den? ;)

DATE 2009-04-20 TIME 18:25:34

när kommer den nästa del? Åh måste få veta fortsättningen. Du skriver skitbra<33 har kanske redan sagt de, men ändå!!

Så avis på att mina berättelser aldrig blir så bra. (a) <333

DATE 2009-04-22 TIME 19:47:07

så bra! Väntar på fortsättningen haha :D

DATE 2009-04-23 TIME 15:22:15

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