HE SAID, SHE SAID -part five

-.-.-.DATE 2009-03-23 TIME 17:13:33

There was no way in a million years i was going to talk to him again. i'm just going to let him stay there and look like a fool.

on my way home i ran into chelsea on the school parking lot.

- hi summer! she said with a big smile

you know, those big, annoying, cheerleader smiles. it annoyed the crap out of me.

- hi... i said and looked down

- soooo, i heard about your jake-issue, she said, still with a smile plastered all over her face. i swear to god, it was so annoying i could've slapped her right in the face to make that damn smile go away.

- mm... yeahh..

- i'm sorry to hear about that. and trust me when i say this: jake is everything but reliable! i'm telling you this as... let's say... a friend. he did not want to go out with you for real! he was only playing with you. i should know, she said and rolled her eyes. the smile was gone. instead there was this other annoying face she made, filled with sympathy, acted of course.

there was a voice inside my head that was screaming: YOU SLUT! PUNCH HER! but yet, there was this other small voice saying: why? why, jake? why me?

- i'm so sorry. i hate being the one delivering bad news. but jake told chad, who told michael, who told cody, who told dylan, who told june, who told tiffany, who told akeelah, who told meee, she took a deep breath and continued; that he only wanted to play with you. i mean, come on, think about it, why would the most popular guy at school suddenly ask you out? the girl that nobody sees? and no offence, but to judge after your looks, you are definitely not his type. i'm just saying.

i knew everything she said was true. the huge rage was gone and was taken over by sadness. i felt that my eyes got wet. i tried to fight it, i certainly did not want to cry in front of her! but my feelings were too strong and it was too much for me to handle.

- awhh, don't cry. come here, chelsea said and wrapped her arms around me.

- wait, wait, wait!! you're not wearing makeup right? she said and pushed me away. - this shirt costed me $150.

it was all so very silly, so i started laughing. instead of laughing along with me chelsea looked insulted, so i stopped laughing.

at that moment, my phone rang.

- i got to go. thank you for telling me... i said and answered my phone

- summer! do not hang up!

oh god, it was jake.

i took a deep breath, i really didn't wanna deal with him right now.

- i need to talk to you, it's important, he said


åh vill veta fortsättningen ...

Jag går i sjuan nu, haha. Tänker typ plugga italienska på gymnasiet. :D:D <33

DATE 2009-03-23 TIME 17:19:35
WEBSITE: http://twilighters.blogg.se/
kajsa anchlee henriksson♥

åhh den är så bra! :D:D

sv: hihi ja jag gillar att rocka ^^ hihi och din syrra ha rätt du ha chans att gå vidra i idol :D

DATE 2009-03-23 TIME 17:49:59
WEBSITE: http://missobsessive.blogg.se/

du borde uppdatera oftare på den här berättelsen, den e verkligen skit bra! :D

DATE 2009-03-23 TIME 19:58:24

sv: Jaa gör så ^^

Hahha wohooo ja, precis som mig! <3

aaaw grattis på er! jag har märkt att många jag känner blev tillsammans vid de här datumen :P

hahah japp de är sådär men inte lika långa som dina, jag måste typ skaffa förlängning om de ska va lika långa som dig!

ÅÅH bäääst du posta upp mer! :D yaay.. så bra

DATE 2009-03-24 TIME 16:14:37
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ah kul ska läsa den när jag kommer hem från skolan! :)

DATE 2009-03-25 TIME 07:06:26
WEBSITE: http://nineteendecember.blogg.se/

Du skriver verkligen jätte bra! :) när kommer nästa avsnitt?

DATE 2009-03-27 TIME 06:56:56
WEBSITE: http://nineteendecember.blogg.se/

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