HE SAID, SHE SAID -part four

-.-.-.DATE 2009-03-18 TIME 19:24:08
ursäkta för att jag inte har uppdaterat så särskilt bra (aa) hehe. men samma ursäkt sam alltid: NO INTERNET. dom flesta vet ju att internet krånglar när jag är i lägenheten -.- tänkte lägga in del fyra i he said, she said. sen skriva ett inlägg om dagen och lägga upp bilder =D

- Of course it's working! chelsea said

- where is summer anyway? june said

- i don't know. but with that humiliation the boys gave her she is probably on her way to venus or some other far away country, chelsea answered with a bit of arrogance

- chels, venus is a planet... not a country, june said

- WELL WHO CARES?! there are better things to think about you know. gosh, you are so stupid june, chelsea replied and went out, the girls followed her.

I opened the door to the toilet and looked myself in the mirror. strands of hair were all over my wet, sticky face. both of my eyes were red and swollen. it looked like i had rubbed a tomatoe around my eyes. i washed my face with cold water and dried it off with paper towels. there, at least i look a little bit better now, i though to myself.

when i got out from the girl's room the corridors were empty. everyone must be in class now i figured.

- summer!

oh god, please don't let it be him. please don't let it be him. please. please. i prayed that it wouldn't be jake calling for me. i crossed my fingers and turned around.

it was jake. well, just my luck... apparently he had been standing by the lockers waiting for me. great....

once i saw it was him i turned around and kept walking. i had no idea of where i was heading, but at this point i wanted to be anywhere but near jake.

- wait! he said and followed me with quick steps

i didn't stop, instead i increased my speed and walked faster focusing my eyes nowhere but straight ahead. suddenly he grabbed my arm and i was forced to stop.

- if you want to make fun of me, then go ahead. but to pretend to go out on a date with me and then the very next day tell all your friends about it so they can throw shit at me right in my face, is very low, i said and looked deep into his eyes.

- i'm sorry, but i had nothing to do with that! he said

- oh yeah? is that why you only sat there, doing nothing about it? save your crap to someone who truly cares, because i don't. i've had enough of you... i said and turned around.

- how come you don't believe me? he shouted behind me

- how come you're such a jerk? i yelled back

wow, i could never imagine that it would feel this good to yell at someone! i used to be so shy. i had no idea what had flown into me. suddenly, i had all this confidence and i felt great. i should be thanking jake for this. i should be thankful that these low life, idiotic, incredibly stupid, horrifying guys excist. yeah, i should actually.

i managed to survive the rest of the day. everyone was all up in my face laughing and pretended to cry, but i tried to keep a low profile so that they wouldn't make me look like a fool even more. now, finally the day was over. thank god!

but what was this? when i opened my locker, a note fell out.

"meet me after school by the soccer field. -J"


Sv: haha om jag ska va ärlig så är jag faktist viet från Pappas sida så du hade på sätt och vis rätt där ;D hihi men jag säger till alla att jag är thai för jag är född där (a) jag kan inte ens vietnamesiska :P vet knappt vad huvudstaden heter.

naah, tack :D jag började också typ åttan :) men titta ååh du måste fortsätta snabbt för jag vill veta vad som händer! så bäst! :D TC

DATE 2009-03-19 TIME 09:58:01
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Fan va bra den är =D hoppas du gör mer sånna :) man vet aldrig du kanske kan producera den så det blir en bok och sen vidare till en film ;) hehe

keep up the good work :*

DATE 2009-03-20 TIME 08:44:42
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ring mig när du ser detta

DATE 2009-03-24 TIME 23:29:06
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