HE SAID, SHE SAID -part six

-.-.-.DATE 2009-03-27 TIME 20:57:36

- There's nothing to talk about. chelsea told me everything, i get it, you push the ones who are weaker than you down just to make yourself look bigger... i said

- what?! chelsea?! and you believed her? she's nothing but a lying, backstabbing, selfish, egocentric bitch! jake said

- so i'm supposed to believe you then? is that what you want? i yelled

- yes! that is exactly what i want! don't you get it? ever since i got to be your labpartner in chemistry, i've liked you. that's the reason why i broke up with chelsea. to get a shot with you!

- i don't believe that...

- well what am i supposed to do to make you believe me huh?

- i don't know, jump off a building maybe! i don't know! just stay away from me. i said and hung up

i walked home with big and heavy steps. i was sad, frustrated, mad, no forget mad, i was furious! the blood was boiling inside my body. i felt so let down. it felt like the whole world had turned against me. tomorrow was prom and yet i still had no date. well... what's the point of going now, i might as well just stay at home.

i didn't get far until june stopped me around the corner just by the bus stop.

- don't believe her! she said

- believe who? i answered in confusion

- chelsea! for years she's been treating me like her personal assistent. i have feelings too you know! june, no, do this, do that, shut up june, you're fat june. but now, i'm putting my foot down! she's the one that has been spreading around that silly rumor, not jake!

- are you serious?

- way serious! just believe me on this one, ok?

- i don't know... i need to think about this... i said and continued walking.

i had thought a lot about what had happened today. it was all so very confusing. i mean, first jake, then chelsea, then june? where did june come from all of a sudden? was this just on of the popular's dirty trick? but i didn't have time to think about that now. winter had convinced me to go to the prom.

''don't let one single guy ruin your special night. besides, you've already bought a dress. wear it and look gorgeous! flirt around, that should fill the jakey full of jealousy'' she said.

now i was sitting in front of the mirror in her room while she was doing my makeup and hair.

- look at that! you're beautiful! winter said and admired her work

- if you want, i can go with you this time. and then, next week when my school has a prom, maybe you could go with me. you know, if i don't get a date, she continued.

yeah right... she says the exact same thing every year, but she always had a date.

- no... i think this time, i'm going alone. i told her

it was now only 30 minutes until prom. i gave myself one last mirror check. my hair hung in giant, soft curls resting on my back. my dress was white like the purest snow.

once i arrived at the school the gym was packed with people and the loud music filled the entire school. great voices and laughters of youth hung in the air. the time was now 8:00 pm and i was dark. the schoolyard bathed in moonlight.

10 minutes after being in the gym doing nothing, i decided it was best for me to leave. when i got out of the school corridors i heard two people fighting aroung the corner.

- baby, just think about it...

- no! there is no you and me!

it was jake and chelsea.


vafan e du inne här men inte inne på msn?

DATE 2009-03-27 TIME 22:02:51
WEBSITE: http://mizthanguyen.blogg.se/

oooh me want to know more :D:D

hahah erkänn! har så mycket annat att tänka på än bloggstatistiken xd

DATE 2009-03-27 TIME 22:28:03
WEBSITE: http://susaanl.blogg.se/

Jag är nöjd men det är för strikt och man måste verkligen kämpa för betyget :) men jag klarar mig nog :) Aa, men det är ett år kvar till gymnasiumet så det är inte så lång tid kvar :) det är bara vänta och se :)

Det går rätt bra faktiskt. Har höjt mig i 3 ämnen och är superglad :) Hur går det med dig i skolan då? :)

DATE 2009-03-28 TIME 10:56:59
WEBSITE: http://xuxu.devote.se

äntligen kom den:D:D <33

DATE 2009-03-28 TIME 13:41:36
WEBSITE: http://twilighters.blogg.se/

nej de e inte alls lätt xD haha

whaaaaa jag är addicted asså. :) så bra!

DATE 2009-03-28 TIME 14:57:10
WEBSITE: http://pamda.blogg.se/

Ska läsa den senare idag! :) <3

DATE 2009-03-31 TIME 07:07:41
WEBSITE: http://nineteendecember.blogg.se/

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