HE SAID, SHE SAID -part seven

-.-.-.DATE 2009-03-29 TIME 13:26:56
I got a little closer so i could hear exactly what they were saying.
- is it summer? do you like her? because i heard she never wanted to see you again, not ever. chelsea said
- don't pull summer into this mess. and the only reason why she hates me is because of you! you're walking around, spreading lies and pretends to be all innocent and sweet. but you know what? everyone can see right through you, i can see right through you, jake said
there was a moment of silence before chelsea spoke up:
- you know that she's not right for you. so i had to spread around those rumors for you to realize that it's me that you want, not summer. she spoke the name ''summer'' as if it were poison on her tongue. she continued:
- and come on, a popular guy like you jakey, seen together with the big, ugly nerd she is, would really make people talk. i know you hate that. jake, you have a big heart, but you're weak.
then she left and went towards the door that led into the gym and the massive crowd of dancing and shouting people.

oh no! i ran as fast as i could back into the gym so that she wouldn't noticed that i had been eavesdropping. that was when reality hit me. jake wasn't the bad guy. it was chelsea! and june was right. jake was the one who told the truth. chelsea lied and i believed her. how could i ever be so stupid? i really wanted to make it all better again, i just didn't know how.
i ran out to the corridors again, but jake wasn't there. i ran out. and there he was, on his way to his car. i didn't want to lose him, so i acted before thinking.
- wait!! jake!! i yelled
he looked back and stopped. i ran towards him as fast as i could.
- jake... i took a moment to breathe, then i continued: i'm so sorry i didn't believe you. but now i do. i kind of overheard you and chelsea talking... i know it wasn't none of my business, but... jake, i'm sorry! i should've believed you in the first place. it's just... you know... it's... well.... when i finally realized what i was doing (talking, actually apologizing in some way) my tongue stumbled on every word as if i had forgotten how to speak.
- summer... he said and touched my cheek with his hand. then he digged his eyes into mine. his blue eyes sparkled like stars on the surface of a lake in the moonlight.
- i know it's hard for you to trust a guy like me. i mean, it's like we live in to separate worlds. but ever since i first talked to you that day in the chemistry lab and saw you smile that modest smile you have, i've known you were special. and it's true. i am weak. i'm always afraid what people will think of me and my appearence instead of just doing what i feel like. i know this is really corny, but you've showed me strength and what it really is. i want you to know that i never wanted to hurt you, he said still looking deeply into my eyes.

the night air was clear and thousands and thousands of stars lit the black sky. my heart was beating strangely fast. it felt like hundreds of butterflies were dancing along to the music inside my stomach. a tear fell down my cheek. but i wasn't sad, no on the contrary; i was happy. jake wiped away the tear with his finger.
a smile took place on his face. he took both his hands and placed them on my waist, and pulled me closer to him.
we were now so close that i could feel his heart beat, i could feel his minty fresh breath. my heart started to beat faster. he bent down, closed his eyes and slowly his lips were searching for mine. his lips were soft as silk and he filled my entire body with heat. yet i got goosebumps.
when opening my eyes i noticed tyler standing by the main entrance. she smiled and went back inside.
this was my first kiss and it was absolutely magical. jake took both my hands and we just looked at each other, smiling.
i felt happy, loved, worthy, appreciated, wanted, needed, confident, strong and beautiful for the first time of my life.

- summer, i'd be honoured if you wanted to be my date. jake said with the most beautiful smile ever.
- i'd love to, i answered.
and together, hand in hand, we escaped into the music.

det här är slutet på den här novellen, vad tyckte ni? =D


haha fråga han själv, nej men han bara blir de ibland :(

DATE 2009-03-29 TIME 13:32:43
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åwh ! jättebra :)

villa inte att den skulle ta slut , haha (a)

DATE 2009-03-29 TIME 14:02:51

? wtf

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kajsa anchlee henriksson♥

åhh den va jättebra! :D

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ahhaah bäst är den :)))

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den va jätte bra!! :D

DATE 2009-03-29 TIME 22:33:27

oh den va ju skit bra :o

ville nt heller att den skulle ta slut.

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skrev du den när du gick i åttan? så himla bra! :D själv går jag i sjuan och tror inte att jag nånsin kommer att kunna skriva lika bra som dig, på engelska.. blev dock inspirerad (: fortsätt med skrivandet, vill läsa mer! haha

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