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A sudden sound made me jump with fear. I looked at my bedside table. Oh thank god, it was only my phone buzzing. I reached for it and answered before I had any time to read the name on the display.
- Are you asleep yet?

Ahh, it was Scott. Well if he was playing all chilly chill on me, I could do the same to him.
- Does it seem like it? I snapped
- eh.. hehe.. no. he answered, surprised maybe.

I didn't say anything, just waited silently for him to speak up again.
- Can I come over?
- Sure...

In less than a few seconds he was in my room. He was wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and no shirt. What was he thinking?! Is he trying to make up for his cold behavior earlier today or what? Well, if that was his intention, then it probably would work. I was so distracted by watching his abs I didn't have any more space to think about holding up a cold façade. Stupid, stupid! I though. I had become so weak. I took my eyes off of his incredible abs and then looked at him. He had made room for himself on my bed and were now flipping through the t.v channels, he stopped when he had found a movie of his interest, it looked like a scary movie. Ugh, I hated scary movies...

-Aren't you gonna join me? He said and threw me a quick glance.
- sure.. I said and went to sit next to him. But I made sure we didn't sit too close. I was still mad at him.

He didn't say anything, he just kept watching the movie. I crossed my arms over my chest, inhaled and let out a deep sigh, then I narrowed my eyes. How stubborn and childish I felt! Scott had changed me in so many ways... it felt like whenever I didn't have his attention I would die. Well, at least I would go crazy. I wanted him to notice me, and only me. What had happened to me? It felt like everything was backwards. It felt like I was the one begging for him to come to me rather than the opposite, which was the plan from the very beginning. It felt like I was in the play of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The quotes of Helena started to appear in my head:

"Apollo flies and Daphne holds the chase.

The dove pursues the griffin. The mild hind

Makes speed to catch the tiger - bootless speed,

when cowardice pursues and valor flies."




"Your wrongs do set a scandal on my sex.

We cannot fight for love as men may do.

We should be woo:d and were not made to woo."


Yep.. that Shakespeare dude sure was a genius. I sighed once again, then I turned slightly away from him. I pushed out my underlip and felt the stubborn child inside me rise.


Oh, vet inte tyvärr, hittade på google! nu är det andra grejen du undrar och jag inte vet, :( haha

Nej men vad tråkigt, varför? hm, min dag var helt OK :)

DATE 2009-05-27 TIME 22:54:48

okej kul ? :)

DATE 2009-05-27 TIME 23:13:36

sv. Jo tack, bara fin! :) Lite seg o trött men det funkar :) Hur har din dag varit då? :D

DATE 2009-05-28 TIME 00:21:04

ja, nu kom den! <3

DATE 2009-05-28 TIME 19:32:43


du, kanske är veckans bloggare, då JAG har din bloggadress länkad på min sida i 1 vecka;D

DATE 2009-05-28 TIME 20:52:42

haha ärligt, ja men de e svårt att lära sig det.

det finns så mkt grejer man kan göra

DATE 2009-05-28 TIME 20:57:27


allt bra med dig ? :)

DATE 2009-05-30 TIME 12:36:20

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