-.-.-.DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 19:21:21

          When I was only a few yards away from the beach, reality hit me like lightning. I absolutely dreaded this meeting, and feared whatever he was going to tell me. Only I did not know what I was afraid of hearing. My heart almost beat through my chest and I felt this worry circling in my body that almost made me nauseas. I was so close to turn around and walk back home, when I spotted Scott walking around in circles down by the shore, under the pier. My heart stopped for a moment and I realized that I was unconsciously holding my breath. I took a deep breath and allowed myself to walk up to him.
          Inside my head three voices were battling against each other. It was my conscience versus my devilish side, and then there was this third “just-shut-up-so-i-can-think-now-let's-be-rational”-voice. My conscience told me to be a good girl and confess to Scott that I was just as much of a hypocrite as he was, and that I was really sorry and then I would look at him with my big puppy eyes so that he could see the fake (well, half fake) guilt that was eating me up. My devilish side told me to screw my conscience and keep the pride up. The hell with Scott, who was he to play ME? I mean come on, who really needs Scott when I had a whole city with boys just waiting to eat right out of my hand. You can't go and beg for forgiveness you fool! You're the boss here, not him. Seriously, ever heard of female domination of the world? What happened to the girl power? And my “just-shut-up-so-i-can-think-now-let's-be-rational”-voice told me to... well, just shut up and be rational.
          I was getting closer and closer to Scott, and I noticed now that he had seen me. He stopped walking in circles and froze where he was, staring right at me. His eyes burning like hot coals. Oh crap! What am I gonna say to him? Do I say Hi, what's crackin? Or Hey Scott, long time no see huh? Or what?? WHAT DO I SAY?
          When I got to him my mind felt like like a tiny classroom with 50 screaming first graders. I didn't say anything to Scott, the panic had taking over my body completely. I must have looked like a mentally sick, crazy woman. Great.

- Hey... Scott said immediately.
          Oh good, he was the one to break the silence. Phew!
- Hi Scott... I answered with a weak smile.
- So... what have you been up to? Oh wait, you know what, don't answer that... I just tried to make this feel as casual as possible, but saying that only made it sound even... weirder...
- What do you want Scott?
- No... it's not what do I want, 'cause you know what I want. It's what do you want, V?
          My mind went blank. There was nothing. Absolutely nothing. All my crazy voices had shut up, like I wanted, but seriously, I was in an awkward situation and I needed guidance! Where were my stupid voices when I needed them?


Fin bild:)

du som tagit den?


DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 20:03:39


åhh det är såhär att jag ska börja gymnasiet nästa år men jag vet inte vad jag ska gå..jag måste välja en friskola för en flytt är på gång. jag vill till en viss del gå IB men jag tvekar för jag tror att det är så svårt med all engelska och så.. är det så? jag blir bara förvirrad och jag vill ha lite vägledning av dig nu.. kan du förklara vad ni har för ämnen och så och vart du går? Tack:)

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 20:38:01

glömde skriva tidigare att jag heter Amanda

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 20:40:01

drömmar är konstiga håller du inte med? haha :) helt wierd.

haha drygt slutar drömmen där alla gånger?

allt väl ikväll?

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 21:04:16
No Remorse Film & Musik

Premiär för No Remorse blogg!

Var med i bloggtävlingen och vinn cds!

No Remorse Film och Musikförening för ungdomar.

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 21:06:50

Skitfin blogg, skitfin design! Gaaah i love it! <3

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 21:19:27

Hej.. fin bild.... kul du fångat vågen :)

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 21:20:50
fuck you i´m from småland

Jaa och man blir så frustrerad sen när man inte kommer ihåg. Men jag har släppt det lite nu. Hoppas att jag drömmer det igen inatt kanske! Men den chansen känns rätt omöjlig. hehe

Fin bild!!!

Dit vill jag nu och se solnedgången i action!

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 22:22:12

beror helt hur man anterar mobilen :)

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 23:24:15
cuong le

sv: det är sant... vi skyller skit mycket på ettorna, men vi gör det inte för att jävlas, för det stämmer :P

har du en sådan tröja gömd nånstans? ;)

men har ni färg i eran katalog? vi har nu för första gången sen jag gått i gymnasiet XD

DATE 2009-11-25 TIME 23:48:00
(¯`¬•» ★ B E L L S★

som fan

DATE 2009-11-26 TIME 00:56:05
MS | › Michael Jackson ♥

har du tagit bilden? :)

RE: jag har sån lust att smaka ena sorbe-smakerna.. verkar sjukt god >.<

haha stackare! jag älskar fjärilar.. så fina!

DATE 2009-11-26 TIME 01:33:56

sööt blogg

DATE 2009-11-26 TIME 08:04:21

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