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okej det har typ gått en månad eller nåt sen senaste uppdateringen av FOREVER? -FOREVER. men hehehe har vart lite lat, och så har jag faktiskt glömt bort att jag hade en novell att uppdatera på bloggen. HAHAH. så bra att jag har er läsare som påminner mig :D så skrev lite idag. dock är det ingen lång uppdatering, men jag hinner inte mer. hihi :D fast jag kommer uppdatera den allt oftare nu, när jag kommer ihåg att jag har den (aa)

Or would it?
-Vanessa? Honey? Are you listening to me?
          A voice broke off my thoughts. Then I realized I was at the mall with my mother.
-Are you ok? You look... a little pale, my mother asked.
-It's ok mom. I just have a lot going on right now.. I answered with a smile
-Hm... ok then. You know, I haven't seen Scott around lately. What's he up to? He's still in L.A right? How are things between you two?
          I could tell she was trying to be a bit sneaky by asking the most important question (and the only one she wanted answer on) last. Obviously she had noticed that something had happened between us. Stupid female intuition. Stupid motherly intuition. Go to hell with “a mother knows everything”...
-yeah mom, he's still in L.A. Don't know what he's up to though... what do you mean how are things between us? Things are perfectly normal, things are exactly like they always have been. I tried to make it sound innocent, but I couldn't help to sound a little bit irritated.
-Is that so... ok, if you say so honey. Can't you call him sometime? And tell him to come over before he leaves. I think he would really appreciate it if you did.
          What was this, some stupid episode of DR PHIL? I mean, sure, mothers know A LOT, they tend to care way too much and ask too many questions, but come on? It was as if someone had told her the whole story and she was trying to help me make it better. Just give me a break.
          I just gave her a quick glare, and said nothing more. The day went on, and the same thoughts occupied my mind, not leaving any space for other things.
          I was too annoyed to do anything. So I flipped through some channels on the TV, quickly changing to another channel when I realized that the word ''love'' was mentioned in the shows or movies somehow, then I slowly fell to sleep as I felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.
          A quiet buzz made me wake up. Instantly I realized it was my phone, so I reached for it and read: Scott Carter, 7:28 pm on the display. It was a new text message. With a heart pounding three times as fast, I opened it.

Hey v, I know you don't wanna hear from me. But listen... I really wanna see u again, at least before I leave. I only stayed this long cuz I was hoping that maybe you'd talk to me again so we could hang out. But it seems like it's most likely not going to happen... I'd much rather spend my summer in miami, then being here in L.A, not seeing you. so I want you to know that i'm leaving in two days, and I hope to see you before I do..

          He was leaving... all the way back to Miami. So far away, so completely out of my reach. But I wanted this, now didn't I? So how come my heart felt completely drained? Drained to the deep core, leaving only a dry desert. But why, and drained on what? Think Vanessa... think. What do you want? Him to stay, or him to leave?
          I had to act fast. And I did. Quickly I let my fingers run over the smooth buttons on my phone. Black letters quickly filled the white screen. My fingers could barely follow my mind which was so extremely full, it felt like my head would explode. It didn't even seem like my words had any sense in them. With a deep breath I finally typed the last word, and pressed send.


då har jag varit där =) hehe

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det e det ju !? :O

DATE 2009-09-30 TIME 16:39:05

ja, jag håller med =D

DATE 2009-09-30 TIME 17:11:26

Åhh så bra den är asså! :D varje gång jag läser ett nytt kapitel vill jag bara läsa mer!! :D:D <333

DATE 2009-09-30 TIME 21:33:10

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