- FOREVER? - FOREVER. -part 16

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          I felt how Scott's arms slowly loosened around my body. In that moment I was so scared, because I knew that I had lost him, he was going to walk away. He placed both his arms on my shoulders, than he pushed me away so that we could face each other. He opened his mouth to speak, but then he changed his mind, gave away a heavy sigh, shook his head lightly and sat down on the sand.
          I stopped breathing. Through my blurry, wet eyes I observed him. Why was he making this even more complicated? Couldn't he just tell me to go to hell, and then walk away? That would be much easier.

- Vanessa... I don't get it, he finally said
          I just looked at him. He didn't get it? What was there to NOT get?
- You tell me to go home... but then you ask me to stay. V... what do you want really? He continued, his eyes on the ground.
          I knew that, if I wanted him to stay I had to say it now. No complications, just say it, straight out.
- I don't know why I said it... I should've told you the truth from the very beginning... but the thing is, I didn't realize what the truth was until now. Because I didn't want it to be true...
- So what you're saying is......?
- What I'm saying is that... Scott, I want to be with you... I finally said and looked at him. What was he going to do next? Jump up out of happiness and do 10 flips in the air? Doubt it. Tell me he had changed his mind? Probably.
- You... want to be with me? Now he finally looked up, staring my in the eyes. He looked so confused.
- Yes... Scott, I have never felt this way before. It's so new to me, that is scares me... I've always tried not to get any feelings involved with anyone, but then you showed up and... just completely turned my world upside down. I tried to fight against my feelings for you, and I guess that's why I've been acting the way I have towards you... it's easier that way, at least for me. Then you told me you were going home, and I thought that would do me good. But I was wrong, so so so wrong on so many levels. I realized that I had to have you in my life. I've never really understood why people say this to each other, I mean, I've always believed they were exaggerating, but now I understand, and now I will tell you the same thing.... Scott, I can't live without you. No exaggeration, all truth.
- Wow... I'm so sorry, but wow... I don't know what to say V. You already know my truth, you know I want to be with you too and...
- Scott, I have to tell you something, I said before he could finish his sentence.
- What?
- I was mad at you, so mad, when you told me you thought of girls as “objects to have fun with”. Scott, I didn't want to be that girl for you... but I have to tell you something... in the beginning, that was exactly what I thought of you as. You were only a guy to me, a stupid guy I knew I could, well, conquer... I knew I could make you, I don't know, fall for me. I was only playing around with you. Because that is how I've treated all guys I've met. But then you told me you were doing the same thing with me, and that just... I don't know... I wasn't really prepared to that. I know I was no better than you, maybe even worse than you, because you told me the truth, but I didn't. So I'm sorry Scott, go ahead and yell at me, and hate me forever.

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Shiit vad bra! :O:O längtar tills nästa :O :D <3

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när kommer nästa :O du borde skriva dom oftare dom är ju skit bra

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Diana Le

varför älskar jag dina sagor? haha, du måste ju ha ett slut!! :D

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uppdateraaaaaaaa :)

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