- FOREVER? - FOREVER. part 18

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The feeling was overwhelming. I wanted to cry because I was so happy, I wanted to laugh because it was all so ridiculous but most of all I wanted to hold him and kiss him over and over again because he had me falling so hard. I couldn't believe it. What was it with this guy that had me so hooked? I didn't get it. But yet I did. It was his unbelievably beautiful, crooked smile that always made me melt to the ground. It was his emerald green eyes that always penetrated me. It was his charm and the things he said that made me feel like I was on top of the world. And the way he teased and messed around with me. I needed a challenge, and I got one. But then the thought struck me: Scott lives in miami. Miami is hours away. I must've looked horrified, because Scott stopped kissing me and just looked at me with a frown.

- what's wrong? He said
- Scott. You live in miami... I said staring at him
He sighed and there was a moment of silence.
- Don't you think that we can make this work? He finally said
- Scott... it hurts to be without you. How many times a month would we see each other? I don't know if I could bare it. I would miss you way too much...
- i'll visit you as often as I can! Can't we please give it a chance? He looked at me with pleading eyes. His emerald eyes filled with sorrow, hope and love penetrated through me. How could I ever give up on something like that? Someone like him? But how could I ever stand being without him for so long? It would be so hard knowing he's mine but the only thing is I can't see him. Oh, talk about romeo and juliet. Kind of.

- I'll give it a chance... the only problem is I have to convince my parents to do the same... I sighed
- what do you mean?
- I'm not allowed to date until I turn 18...
- what? Are you serious? He was laughing a little now, thinking I was joking
- I'm not joking asshole! I said and hit his arm
- ohh you're not? Wow... I mean... I just thought... you know... since you've been with so many guys and... well...
- well... they don't really know. And it depends on what you mean... because... I'm a virgin. Ok there, I said it! He's not going to believe me, but I said it. It felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. That felt good.
- Excuse me? Say what? No, you're not serious. I know you. I know how you act around guys, he said
- yes, but... i've never really taken it that far you know... it just doesn't feel right... I admitted
He sighed and then looked at me. He smiled that adorable smile and said:
- well it doesn't matter, now does it?
- I guess not...

This was the moment of truth. Or death. I don't really know. Scott was at his aunt's place and I was about to face... my parents. They were sitting in the living room watching TV. Last night it had felt so easy when I thought about this moment. Now it felt like I had a big rock in my throat that was about to suffocate me. Either that would kill me, or my parents would. I was pretty sure my parents terrified me more. So what do I say? “hey mom, dad. I know I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend, but guess what? I have one! Who it is? Oh guess again! It's Scott!”. Yeah, I'm pretty sure those would be my final words before they killed me. Oh snap out of it. Stop being such a chicken. My heart raced as I stepped into the living room.



grymt bra!

längtar tills nästa :)

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MEEEEEEEEEEER :O ja dör ju här, oschysst av dig att sluta lägga upp, faktiskt :(

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