how do we forget something that does not want to be forgotten?

-.-.-.DATE 2011-01-26 TIME 22:59:19

you'll get over it. have you ever noticed how much people say that? over and over again. you'll get over it. like it was some kind of cheap line stuck on repeat. like it's so easy to 'get over'. like it's such a walk in the park. yeah, you try to get over it. some things you simply never get over. no matter how much you try. you might have come half way, but you're never really there. you're close enough to taste it, but never enough to touch. because sometimes, you kind of forget, and you actually feel ok. but it's always there. clinging and holding on to your thoughts. always showing up when you think you've forgotten. if it's not in your head, it's in your heart. aching. piercing through your soul like knives. just waiting for you to surrender. so how do we 'get over it' if the pain is always there as a reminder? how do we forget something that does not want to be forgotten? do we simply surrender?

skriven av mig.


So do I ;) fin text!

DATE 2011-01-26 TIME 23:35:13
Sabina ☆

Dina texter är så himla fina!^^ Du kunde ha musik till så att det blev en låt :)

DATE 2011-01-26 TIME 23:42:06

men åå tack du, detsamma:)

DATE 2011-01-27 TIME 06:17:16

snygg blogg:) allt rba med dig idag?

DATE 2011-01-27 TIME 11:26:48

du är riktigt grym på att skriva :)

DATE 2011-01-27 TIME 12:20:34

du e skitbra! du borde börja skriva egna låtar :)

DATE 2011-01-27 TIME 13:30:52

woaa , typ mina tankar :O

DATE 2011-01-27 TIME 17:28:33

Så rätt! Vilken fin text :)

DATE 2011-01-27 TIME 18:58:04

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